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A Date with Tranquility at the North Shore Open Space Park in Beach, Miami FL

Find tranquility at its best at this beach-accessible green park lined with palm trees, in North Miami FL. Unlike its popular Southern counterpart, the Northern shore is relatively less crowded, making it ideal for people trying to enjoy a quiet time and relax. The Open Space Park is great for your morning routine with a dog run and its state-of-the-art youth center. The center is equipped with an open gym, tennis ground, skybox, auditorium, dance room and a computer lab. Adults and seniors can participate in zumba, yoga, fine arts and painting programs throughout the year. For your evening recreations, the Park also has an open barbecue space. End your day at our spacious beachfront hotel, only 5 minutes away.


  • Prices: Free Entry
  • Hours: 8:00 AM - 7:30 PM


  • After-school Camps
  • Adventure Camps
  • Full Moon Dance Circle


  • Family Fun
  • Fitness
  • Barbecue


  • Does the Park have its own parking space?

    The North Shore Park has ample parking spaces. Further, since the crowd in North Beach is less parking here is a breeze. Parking is chargeable and overnight parking is not allowed. There is also a dedicated parking space for bikes.
  • Is the park good for hosting events?

    The North Shore Park has all the amenities to host small-scale events, like corporate huddles, team get together etc. The big pavilions with electrical outlets need to be reserved before from respective authorities. Picnic tables and park BBQ grills are distributed on first come first serve basis. Better bring your own. The playground is good for team exercises. Also, the barbecue space has got a shade, in case it rains.

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