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Experience Thrill & Adventure at the Jungle Island, Miami FL

The once famous Parrot Jungle has made a comeback to the Miami adventure tourism scene with the new name Jungle Island. The newly reopened Park is ideal for families who love to mix thrill into their leisure Miami vacation. Set in a lush tropical environment, experience animal encounters, spectacular shows, and mind-boggling rides like SuperFlight, rope lines, and more. Let your friends also join in the excitement with group activities like Escape Room and Battle Ground. Enjoy unique animal exhibits, take part in adventure camps and fun groups with the underlying message of knowing your environment. After a full day of fun and adventure, come back home to your beachfront rooms at Ocean Surf.


  • Prices: $32.35 (children) | $44.95 (adults); (Rides Extra)
  • Hours: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Festival of Lights
  • Adventure Camps
  • Winter Skating
  • Food Festival
  • Ecology Studies


  • Animal Exhibits
  • Family Fun & Adventure
  • Wind Tunnel
  • Escape Room
  • Group Activities
  • Rope Lining


  • How far is Jungle Island from the South Beach?

    Jungle Island is 3.5 miles from the South Beach. You can make it there in 13 minutes via MacArthur Causeway.
  • Which animals can I see at the Jungle Island exhibits?

    Jungle Island Miami is known for its rare bird exhibits that include the African Penguin, Andean Condor, the exquisite Black Palm Cockatoo, Ground Hornbill and many more. Along with these, there are popular animal exhibits for kangaroos and tortoises. The entomology exhibits are also worth seeing.

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